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Installations and Repairs

Springs Pools has identified the highest quality material and equipment, carefully chosen the best vendors to make sure your pool is running properly. Let us put our experience to work for you and show you what a revitalized back yard can do for you

Leak Detection

You paid a lot of money for your pool and a leak is an unnecessary expense you shouldn't have to deal with. At Springs Pools we thoroughly inspect pools for leaks to maintain your pool at its highest quality.

Surfacing and Repairs

Your swimming pool is one of the most expensive additions to your home, so you want it to look good and stay in working condition. Willsha Pools has a professional and experienced team of pool remodelers to keep your in-ground swimming pool in good shape.

Service and Maintenance

We provide full pool and spa service for commercial or residential properties. Our services include seasonal start-up, scheduled maintenance, repairs, and more.

Acid Wash

Experiencing unsightly stains? Ready to give the pool a temporary makeover? Acid washing a pool is essentially searing off a very small layer of existing plaster to rid the pool of staining. While it gives your pool a nice fresh start, acid washing is actually weakening the existing plaster in the pool. We recommend an acid wash to buy another year or 2 before you ultimately resurface the pool.

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General Questions.

Weekly service is essential to maintain a great looking, healthy, sparkling pool. Consistency is vital to your pool’s overall health.

With the recent rise in the cost of chemicals, the monthly expense of chemicals will average $50 – $60. There is also the extra cost of your time – putting aside time every week to clean the pool, making trips to your local pool supply store, when you would probably rather be spending time with your family. Your time is too valuable, so let us do the work, and spend the time in your pool.

With every product or service, price is always a consideration. However, you should consider value for your dollars spent, as opposed to the simple bottom line. 

Taking care of your pool yourself is always an option. Proper pool maintenance does however, require weekly supervision. All of the chemical levels such as; Chlorine, Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, P.H. and T.D.S must be consistently maintained to have a safe swimming environment.

In addition, we are trained to notice any changes in the performance of the pool. They can then immediately troubleshoot any problems and put into action a repair plan to bring your pool back up to 100%.

You should expect that we will orient you to your equipment, share safety concerns, and notify you of any issues that can become costly repairs later. We will strive to provide you quiet enjoyment of your yard and swimming pool or hot tub during service calls.

You should expect clean, chemically balanced water, and quiet, efficient running equipment. We will always be available to assist you with any warranty concerns and be available to you by phone during business hours to answer your concerns directly, or return your call promptly. Finally, we will make sure that you always receive detailed estimates and invoices.