Leak Detection

Spring Pool Services specializes in Leak detection services using the latest in Leak detection equipment. If you are unsure if your pool has a leak, we first recommend doing the “24 hour bucket test” as shown below.

Your swimming pool can leak for a variety of reasons. The most common places to find a leak are where pool features meet the pools plaster i.e. pool returns, skimmer, main drain and light fixture. Depending on your surface type, pools can also leak through cracks in the finish of the exposed aggregate, marcite or gunite of your pool. While rare, underground conduit that is part of your pool’s filter system can also be the issue.

Signs that your pool has a leak:

  1. More than 3/8 inch is lost in the pool a day
  2. You are having to fill the pool up weekly with hose water
  3. Chemicals in the pool tend to not be preventing the growth of algae.
  4. Cracks in the pool wall
  5. Air bubbles being returned into the pool

If it is determined that there is a leak in the swimming Pool, Spring Pool services first inspects all open plumbing and pool equipment. Next we pressurize all piping and perform a dye test while listening with ultra-sonic listening technology throughout the pools piping system.

If there is a leak in the pool, it is best to have addressed immediately to prevent the leak from worsening which can prove to be even more costly in the long run. At Spring Pool Services we are confident we can identify the leak the first time and provide the necessary repair to get you back in your swimming pool.