Acid Washing

Spring Pool Services specializes in acid washing swimming pools that have stains that cannot be removed through typical chemical treatment. Acid washing will bring out a brighter finish in your pool.

An acid wash is an intentional stripping of a thin layer of plaster, exposing fresh plaster beneath. It is a practice not recommended in more than 5 year intervals and typically recommended if you want to buy yourself another couple years before you ultimately resurfacing the swimming pool.

You may also decide on an acid wash not because of swamp conditions, but just to bring out a brighter, whiter finish. Mineral stains and/or deposits, chlorine stains, even dirt stains… an acid wash is always a dramatic aesthetic improvement to a plastered pool or fountain.

It is recommended to hire a professional to Acid Wash a swimming pool due to the corrosive nature of Muriatic acid.

Spring Pool Services will begin this process by ensuring all equipment is in the off position for the duration of the wash. We will also clear all debris from the pool as it drains. As an industry standard, Spring Pool Services utilizes the necessary safety equipment such as goggles, mask, gloves and boots. 

After we combine the recommended ratio of Acid to water, we will start saturating the swimming pool walls in 10ft increments while always having a running garden hose on hand to rinse. The walls will be constantly scrubbed with a hard bristled brush as the treatment is taking place and rinsed in 25-30 second intervals to ensure only the thinnest layer of plaster is taken off. As the chemical collects at the main drain, it will be essential to neutralize the acidity of muriatic acid with soda ash to ensure no damage to the pool floor/main drain is done. Finally, the pool will be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned before ultimately filled back to the recommended level leaving a swimming pool that can look brand new.

If the pool does need to be drained, special care must be given. Spring Pool Services ensures the pool is drained properly.

Spring Pool Services may advise against acid washing your pool if the chance of damaging the surface or creating a leak is too high.