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Owning a pool has never been easier

Spring Pool Services serves from North Palm Beach through Tequesta

Spring Pool Services serves from North Palm Beach through Tequesta and is quickly becoming a leading Pool Cleaning Service and Pool Repair Company for residential pools. We are a small company with minimal overhead which allows to provide the dedicated attention you deserve at an affordable rate. Our uniformed technicians show up on time, and get the job done right, the first time.

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Service and Maintenance

Where other companies may be in and out before you can even blink, Spring Pool Services takes the time to give your pool the treatment it deserves. Learn more about what we provide during service

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Installation and Repairs

Our expert technicians service and repair all pool equipment. You name it, everything from pumps, filters and motors to salt chlorine systems, heaters, automatic pool cleaners, pool lighting/bulb replacement and automation systems.

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Leak Detection

Think you may have a leak? Let us help.

To find the source of the leak, we use listening equipment, pressure testing and dye tests. While some issues can be fixed on the spot, some may need more work. 

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Pool Resurfacing

If you’re seeing hollow spots, chips, tears or cracks in your pool finish, it may be time to resurface.

We will first drain the pool. Then, we will remove the old surface, prep the area and apply the new material. We make this process as smooth as possible so you can get back to enjoying your pool.


Acid Wash (1)

Acid Washing

Experiencing unsightly stains? Ready to give the pool a temporary makeover? Acid washing a pool is essentially searing off a very small layer of existing plaster to rid the pool of staining. While it gives your pool a nice fresh start, acid washing is actually weakening the existing plaster in the pool. We recommend an acid wash to buy another year or 2 before you ultimately resurface the pool.

Why Choose Us!

We are committed to doing the job the right way

Our quality service and understanding of swimming pools is what sets us apart from other companies. The anatomy of your pool is very similar to the anatomy of the human body and we treat it with respect. The pump (heart) of the system pumping water in and out while utilizing the filtration system (kidneys) to naturally clean the water of contaminates. The return and skimmer lines (arteries) acting as conduits to allow free circulation of water to and from the pump.
We think of ourselves as weekly checkups to your pool to ensure the most essential organs are well maintained, providing our own spotless cleaning and supplying the right balance of vitamins needed to ensure a long and healthy life.
Allow us to take the work out of owning a swimming pool so you can do what you do best; enjoying the water.

Upfront Pricing

We bid accordingly with transparent pricing so there is no confusion as to what is being done

Anytime Service

Available around the clock for emergency services and repairs.

CPO Certified Experts

Our well trained technicians will make sure you are happy and satisfied. Please see all of our amazing reviews on google.

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"The best pool service company around. Whether it is for maintenance or for enhancements, I’d only call Spring Pool Services! They are diligent, responsible, reliable and affordable.. this is the kind of company that I don’t mind recommending to my friends Or clients because they never disappoint"
Olivia Torres
"Great service. Pool always looks great and from my standpoint very hands off/low maintenance.".
Jeremy Allen
"Spring Pool Services was honest, on time and easy to communicate with when needed. I will likely be using their services for many years to come."
Jason Gulli

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